Imagine a world without feelings. What if we lived like robots and went through the motion of life without having to feel? No hate, no love, no happiness, no sadness. Would life be easier? If there were no nationalistic feelings then there wouldn’t be any phenomenon of race supremacy.

But then again, what exactly counts as feelings? Because everything we do and the decisions we make are all based on feelings. Why do we have certain laws? Because we feel like that should be the morally and socially accepted norm. If anything deviates form the norm, then we feel anger, we feel a sense of injustice. Why do we follow rules and abide by the law? Because we fear the potential repercussions of physical punishment etc.

Being unable to harbour any form of feelings is probably not such a bad thing after all because feelings won’t get in the way of your life. You just follow a standard protocol in making decisions without having considerations for what others might think of you, how others might feel. You just simply do what you have to do. All these negative emotions will not be felt.

Of course, having the inability to experience any emotions also means that you can’t experience any positive feelings of love, happiness, joy etc. This is probably the saddest thing that can happen to anyone because all these positive vibes are what feeds our soul. It’s what makes this cold and cruel world slightly more bearable. With these positive emotions, we don’t see the world with a grayscale vision but we see it in colours.

I guess the nation of having no feelings is quite a scary thought to entertain since we are so used to having feelings. It’s probably what makes us human. I should probably get out of this funk I’ve been feeling lately. The fear of growing up is real. I think i’m having a quarter-life crisis. Need an island getaway soon.


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