You are young only once

Recently rekindled my passion again. I realise i have to start living for myself and stop worrying about the future and focus on what i can achieve now. All the endless worrying about the future is just making me stressed out. I became so unhappy, finding fault with myself and my life, how I will always be mediocre and never be good enough for society. But then, if i focus on the now, doing the things i want to do, the things that i can do while i’m still young, I will be much much happier. All these experiences will make me, me. Because i can safely justify that at this point in my time, my goal is to enjoy my student life and achieving what I cannot achieve when i start work for real. Having spent the a few months reflecting and trying to find myself, I have emerged with a clearer, more attainable and more realistic goal.

Reminder to self: Stay true to yourself and do what makes you happy


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